From a classic beauty of antiquity such as Egyptian Queen Nefertiti to a contemporary symbol such as French actress Catherine Deneuve, a woman’s neck has been an important part of her overall image. Although everyone is built differently, a youthful neck manifests certain traits, such as a distinct smooth cylindrical shape beginning under a straight jawline, separated from the chin by a sharp pleasing angle, and covered by unblemished, smooth skin.

Unfortunately, as we grow older, age and gravity cause changes that detract from this appearance. Environmental damage from sun exposure and smoking often leads to blotchy and rough leathery neck skin. Excess fat may blunt the jawline or form a double chin, and sagging of loose skin and fat will create jowls and folds on the neck. A “turkey wattle” or vertical sagging muscle bands can also distort the front of the neck.  The modern neck lift is customized to correct all these problem areas.

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