Body Contouring for Men
All body contouring procedures are performed on both men and women.  Liposuction is the most frequently performed body contouring procedure for men.  Areas of excess fat deposits vary in men and women.  The flank/waist area just above the belt line, as well as the central abdomen, are commonly reduced by liposuction in men seeking a trimmer figure.  More limited treatments can often be performed in our office surgical suite under local anesthesia.  As with women, if loose, excess skin is present, then a skin-tailoring abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) may be indicated.

Please see the introduction to liposuction and abdominoplasty under “Body” for additional information.

Male Breast Reduction
Gynecomastia is the condition of male breast enlargement. This is fairly common to a modest degree during adolescence, but usually spontaneously improves without treatment. Although gynecomastia can be caused by a treatable endocrine problem, usually a specific cause is never found. If gynecomastia persists into adulthood or increases to a large extent, then the size of the breasts can become a major problem, causing social and psychological stress and affecting lifestyle activities. When gynecomastia causes embarrassment, a male breast reduction can make you much more comfortable. The procedure is performed as same day outpatient surgery under appropriate anesthesia, with ultrasonic-assisted liposuction utilized to remove most of the glandular and fatty breast tissue. Occasionally, a small dense deposit of gland behind the areola must be removed surgically. Very rarely, the presence of excessive loose skin may necessitate skin tailoring after the liposuction. Dr. Schwartz can create a very normal-looking, natural chest contour, leaving only 2-3 short, inconspicuous scars.

Face Lift For Men
Aging changes of the face occur in a similar manner in both men and women and standard face lift techniques can be applied successfully to rejuvenate a man’s face.  Nevertheless, there are differences between the male and female face lift.  Precise planning and execution are necessary to minimize visible scars, to avoid unnatural changes in beard and sideburn position, and to avoid over-feminization of the neck.  As always, a natural look is our goal.
Please see “Introduction to Facial Aging” and “Face Lift” under the “Face” icon for a more thorough discussion of these topics.

Neck Lift For Men
Neck contouring is one component of a face lift, but is increasingly being performed just by itself to improve aging changes of the neck (loose, saggy skin and muscles) and/or excess fat.  In a younger patient with good skin tone, whose main problem is fatty fullness, liposuction alone may reduce the excess fat and create a sharper, smoother neckline.  However, when loose skin and muscles are present, then a standard neck lift is required to firm up the neck and create a more youthful neck contour.  This technique is essentially the lower portion of a face lift and involves tailoring neck skin and muscles from behind the ears.
Scar visibility in the scalp behind the ears can be a problem for men with very short hair.  In such cases, an alternative neck lift technique allows Dr. Schwartz to tailor and tuck the neck skin and muscles directly in the front of the neck under the chin.  The resultant scar usually heals well and is minimally visible.

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