Injectables consist of various substances injected into the facial skin and soft tissues. They comprise the most popular and fastest growing segment of cosmetic treatments. These procedures are non-surgical, with minimal down time, minimal risk of side effects, and include two basic categories.

Neurotoxins (Botox©, Dysport, Xeomin) that relax muscles and thereby decrease the dynamic wrinkles caused by facial expression muscles puckering the skin (think frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines). These products will only work on skin lines related to the movement of facial muscles.Fillers

Fillers that plump up and soften depressed wrinkles (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, for example), or add volume to flattened, depressed areas of the face (Voluma, Sculptra, Radiesse) to create a more youthful shape and fullness. For more information, check out our Introduction to Facial Aging page or visit our Wrinkles & Lines page for more help.

Although fat grafting involves injecting one’s own fat to increase facial volume, it requires a surgical procedure under local anesthesia to harvest and prepare the fat for transfer, and is, therefore, considered a separate, more invasive category of facial volume enhancement than the available “off the shelf” products.Injectables offer a convenient way to improve early aging changes of the face before surgery is necessary or even to treat those aging changes that surgery cannot adequately correct, such as skin texture lines or volume loss.Injectables are commonly performed using a topical anesthetic cream for comfort, and patients may expect 1-3 days of minor swelling and/or bruising, easily covered by makeup.

Choose a Surgeon You Can Trust
Even though injectables may seem like a straightforward treatment, remember that in order to look your best, achieve the most pleasing cosmetic result, with the least chance of any complications, you should have treatment performed by a board-certified physician, such as Dr. Richard Schwartz, who has a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and who is experienced with these products as well as alternative treatments that might be more appropriate for you.

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