Dr. Schwartz uses several different fillers to soften or smooth facial wrinkles. They all have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Schwartz will listen to your concerns, examine your face, and discuss his filler recommendations for you.

Fillers that plump up and soften depressed wrinkles (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, for example), or add volume to flattened, depressed areas of the face (Voluma, Sculptra, Radiesse) to create a more youthful shape and fullness. For more information, check out our Introduction to Facial Aging page or visit our Wrinkles & Lines page for more help.

InjectablesAlthough fat grafting involves injecting one’s own fat to increase facial volume, it requires a surgical procedure under local anesthesia to harvest and prepare the fat for transfer, and is, therefore, considered a separate, more invasive category of facial volume enhancement than the available “off the shelf” products.

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