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Warning Against DIY Botox

Warning Against DIY Botox

By: Project Beauty Editor
Posted: August 06, 2012

In this video, several women discuss their feelings about undergoing Botox treatments and how looking more youthful has made them feel better about themselves.

For 48 year old Pamela, a personal fitness trainer and sports nutritionist, looking and feeling great are extremely important. Given her background in nutrition and physical education, Pamela knew what steps to take to stay healthy, including eating right and staying in shape, but she found that wasn’t enough to stop the wrinkles from starting.

Aside from her healthy living habits, Pamela realized that other options were available to maintain a more youthful appearance. She isn’t yet ready to undergo something more invasive, such as a facelift, but the idea of trying a product like Botox appealed to her. Pamela especially liked the idea that, if she didn’t like the results, the effects would wear off over time.

She first tried Botox at age 35 and was extremely happy with the results, and has continued it to this day.

For Sophia, she had a similar reaction and has been very happy about her Botox treatments, recommending them to friends. While some like to use Botox more often, Sophia has found that in her situation, refreshing her Botox every eight to nine months is sufficient to maintain the results she likes.

She first took a serious look at Botox when she turned 45. She saw a photo of herself, smiling, and yet felt that her wrinkles made her look as if she were angry. Wanting to change that, she spoke with her sister and decided to try Botox. While she had some initial trepidation, she now praises its usage and is thrilled with her results. To help ease her mind, she researched Botox and learned everything she could about it.

When she discovered how many millions had undergone treatment with Botox, she realized that her concerns were ill founded. Once she saw her own results, looking in the mirror, as she says, “I was hooked.”

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