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The Truth About Botox©

As the number one most frequently performed cosmetic treatment in 2013, Botox is on the rise and certainly gaining popularity. But what exactly is Botox and is it really safe? In addition, is it right for you?

In this post, we’ll explore some of the uses for Botox as well as discuss some of its benefits.

What is Botox? Is It Safe?

As an FDA approved substance, Botox is used to diminish and erase dynamic facial lines. There are also many other uses for Botox, but we will only be focusing on facial lines in this article.Truth About Botox

Furthermore, when we talk about facial lines here, we are referring to frown lines, crow’s feet, smile lines and lines above the eyebrows that can give off a worried appearance at times.

Botox is considered a safe substance and treatment, but should only be performed by a board certified physicial who understands facial anatomy and is knowledgeable about this type of procedure. Additionally, Botox treatment is also considered safe by the FDA when prepared and administered by trained personnel. Side effects are rare, with the most common being a temporary headache.

Who Can Benefit From Using Botox?

Botox is great for both men and women. If you’re sick of looking tired, worried, angry or sad on the outside when you’re really feeling energetic and upbeat on the inside, then Botox may be right for you.

Botox treats the underlying muscles that are causing your face to show wrinkles and unwanted creases. Once injected, the muscles underneath will relax and give off a smooth appearance on the outside.

Using a topical anesthetic cream and ice cooling technique, the procedure is done within minutes. Usually, results can be seen in as little as 3-5 days and can last an average of four months.
If you’re interest in Botox treatments, we strongly encourage you to check out our Botox page to learn more.

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