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Thigh Lift

Are you unhappy with how your thighs look? Are you exercising and eating right but can’t seem to lose weight in your thighs or firm up loose skin? The thighs are a tricky part of the body to tone up as we tend to store extra weight there and the skin may loosen, creating unsightly ripples or dimples.

Instead of constantly working out and not achieving the results you desire, you could consider undergoing a plastic surgery procedure.
Considering a Thigh Lift?

Plastic surgery can be a great option to re-shape the upper, middle, inner and outer parts of your thighs. This type of procedure is more commonly known as a thigh lift. At this point, you may be wondering what exactly is a thigh lift?
During a thigh lift, excess skin, and in some cases fat, are removed first. Next, any excess skin is removed, and the thighs are then shaped and contoured to be better proportioned to your body. The result is slimmer thighs, smoother skin, and a toned look.

It’s important to note that a thigh lift is not intended to just remove excess fat. In cases where the skin has good elasticity, but your thighs are just too full in specific areas (Think the saddlebag deformity of the outer thighs.) liposuction may be used to remove this extra fat, as the skin is able to naturally conform to the new shape. In cases where the skin elasticity isn’t too good, a combination of liposuction and a thigh lift may be used. Thigh Lift Needed

If you’re considering undergoing a thigh lift to reduce the size or shape of your thighs, then your next step would be to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Schwartz. During this time, Dr. Schwartz will evaluate your unique situation and recommend a procedure that will help you achieve your goals.

This is also a great time for you to ask Dr. Schwartz any questions you may have and disclose your medical information and history related to allergies, family history and any other pertinent information.

As for the thigh lift procedure itself, general anesthesia is used during the surgery. This will ensure your comfort and safety. Even though it may be necessary to move your legs or entire body during the surgery, you will not be aware of this. The extent of your incisions and their exact placement will depend on what techniques are being used to correct your particular problem areas. Dr. Schwartz almost always leaves a surgical drain under the skin to allow excess fluid to drain out, thereby decreasing swelling and bruising, and speeding recovery. These are usually removed in the office within a week.

Will I See Any Incision Marks?

Again, this will depend on the extent of your surgery and the incision placement. Generally, thigh lift incisions either run in the groin crease and in the fold under the buttocks, or vertically down the inside of the thighs. The choice of incisions depends on the location of your loose skin and in what direction the skin has stretched. Wherever an incision is placed, a permanent scar will form, but Dr. Schwartz uses the latest suturing techniques to limit scarring and will try to minimize their visibility. Dr. Schwartz will discuss this further during your first consultation.

Thigh Lift Results

Results & Recovery

Patients will usually wear some type of elastic stocking or compression garment after surgery to limit swelling and speed recovery. As you continue to heal, your skin and thighs will appear smoother, tighter, and slimmer. As far as recovery is concerned, this varies with the extent of your surgery. Although it might be possible to return to work in 2-3 weeks, Dr. Schwartz usually advises patients to avoid exercise or sports for 4-6 weeks.

Choose a Surgeon You Can Trust, Call Dr. Schwartz Today!

Choosing a surgeon you can trust may be the most important decision after determining that you are interested in a thigh lift or other thigh contouring procedures. It’s important to choose a board certified, experienced plastic surgeon who listens to your wishes and desires.

Dr. Schwartz has been practicing plastic and cosmetic surgery in West Palm Beach, FL for over 25 years now. He is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in Palm Beach County, FL and can help you achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a thigh lift can help you, we strongly encourage you to call 561-232-3120 or schedule your consultation online.