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The Proper Face Lift

There are many plastic surgeons that perform face lifts in West Palm Beach, but not many can perform as flawless of a procedure as Dr. Richard Schwartz.  With his experience and skills in the field he is able to perform a flawless procedure that will take years off your face.  He has been in the industry for several years and has all the tools and technology to help you get the top face lift in the business.

Being the go to plastic surgeon in West Palm Beach was easy for Dr. Schwartz because of his natural ability to pay attention to detail.  He has special traits that do not come naturally to other surgeons, but to him plastic surgery is a work of art. He decided he wanted to be a plastic surgeon at a young age and since then has gone on to become included on the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

He began his journey at Franklin and Marshall College while discovering that he wanted to be a plastic surgeon, so he took the proper courses and graduated with an MD from Indiana University School of Medicine.  With his laundry list of credentials his patients feel secure that they are making the right plastic surgeon choice and getting the top service in the industry.

So when you are making the choice of which plastic surgeon you should choose, make sure it is one that is board certified and has the credentials to back it up.  This is a critical step in creating a great looking future and having a face that everyone will adore.  We look forward to speaking with you soon about your face lift in West Palm Beach; make sure to contact us at The Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Center.