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Procrastinating on proper skincare

Pores, Peels, Pigmentation and Procrastination! – Part 1

Women in their 20’s might be thinking of a skincare regime, but the numbers are low on those that actually do daily care. While woman in their 30’s are highly more likely to have adopted a routine, but by the time you reach your 40’s it’s a must! Why do most woman wait until they can actually SEE the fine lines and uneven skin tone to take action? 

At that “40” mark you start to notice changes in your skin that impact your daily life like how you apply makeup, which products you now can/can’t use etc. 

Bottom line? Your skin at this age starting to show…your age. While some find themselves thinking of peels as a first step to see what can be done to combat a variety of pesky and persistent little issues, including:

  • Crepiness around my eye area
  • Fine lines that are not so fine anymore, including one line between my brows that truly looks angry
  • Pigmentation issues from acne and freckles that have chosen to expand
  • Larger pores

The combination of these issues can be troubling and make any woman go on a quest for perfect concealer that doesn’t settle into lines, a better moisturizer that makes your skin look more supple, a primer that keeps makeup in place for more than 5 hours, and numerous other products that will make even a small dent in the issues plaguing a rapidly aging face. 

Genevieve Miller – Before Peel

Genevieve Miller, consulted with Dr. Tracy Pfeifer, another ASAPS plastic surgeon, who introduced her to ZO Skincare as a first step towards achieving better skin overall – and recommended a retinol-based peel as a second. Specifically, the “Vanish the Pigment Peel” which contains retinoic acid AKA retinoids, a form of Vitamin A, and Arbutase, a medical grade form of arbutin, a compound used for brightening discoloration. This peel will help with many of skincare concerns— pores, texture and hyper-pigmentation. The crepiness under the eyes might require a second go-round with a stronger peel, but this is a great place to start!

Genevieve will start the second phase of her skincare journey with ASAPS and we’ll share the rest of her story here when she’s done! 

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