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Skin Procedures

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Information about various types of Skin Procedures and Treatment:

Introduction to Skin Aging

Youthful, healthy skin glows with a certain brightness, a smooth texture, and uniform pigmentation. Over time, several factors combine to create aging changes in facial skin. These include heredity, one’s health, smoking, and probably most importantly, sun exposure. These environmentally-induced aging changes of the skin consist of changes in skin texture and pigmentation. Multiple fine and deeper lines create a rough texture, and darker sun and age spots, as well as areas of dry scaliness, replace the once smooth complexion. These types of superficial aging changes of the skin do not respond to surgical lifts and are much better treated by non-surgical means. There is a large spectrum of such treatments available, including laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, chemical peeling, injectable fillers, Botox® and home-based skin care programs. Karolina, our skin care therapist, also offers many non-invasive treatments to improve your skin health and appearance. At your initial consultation, Dr. Schwartz will examine your skin carefully and recommend the most appropriate treatment to improve the quality of your skin and maintain a healthy complexion.

Wrinkles and Lines

As skin ages, a variety of skin lines or wrinkles may appear. Depending on their cause, different types of lines may best be improved by different treatments.

For example, lines caused by over-active expression muscles (the frown lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet or smile lines, and forehead creases) respond best to Botox Cosmetic® injections. Botox works by relaxing the involved underlying muscles, thus preventing muscular activity from puckering the skin.

Wrinkles due to thinning of the skin with age, sun damage, or slight sagging of the skin on itself, can be softened by injections of various skin fillers such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, Artefill®, and Sculptra®, et al.

Examples of wrinkles or folds frequently treated with fillers include lipstick bleed lines on the lips, the nasolabial folds extending from the nose to the corners of the mouth, and marionette folds along the sides of the chin. Fillers are injected into the skin, or just below it, and will plump up the skin, partially filling these lines and softening their appearance. There are many fillers available, each with different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

When the lines cover large areas of the face creating a generalized weathered, leathery look, it may be more practical to resurface the face, with a laser treatment, chemical peels, or dermabrasion.

Finally, those wrinkles caused by very loose skin bunching together may require surgery to correct their underlying cause (the sagging). Certainly, injectables are very convenient without any down time, but they are not practical in all situations.

Dr. Schwartz’ recommendation, regarding the best treatment for you, will depend on the cause of the wrinkles, your goals, and how much time and effort you want to put into your treatment.


Dr. Schwartz uses several different fillers to soften or smooth facial wrinkles. They all have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Schwartz will listen to your concerns, examine your face, and discuss his filler recommendations for you.



Injectables consist of various substances injected into the facial skin and soft tissues. They comprise the most popular and fastest growing segment of cosmetic treatments. These procedures are non-surgical, with minimal down time, minimal risk of side effects, and include two basic categories.

Botox® Cosmetic

Certain lines, associated with aging, are really the by-product of normal muscles of expression. The overactive use of expression muscles puckers the skin, creating these functional lines. Frown lines between the eyebrows, horizontal lines across the forehead and crow’s feet or smile lines near the corners of your eyes are all examples of such dynamic creases. Botox® Cosmetic is a chemical found in nature that blocks transmission of the nerve impulse that signals a muscle to contract. By injecting Botox® into a muscle, the muscle relaxes and the related lines will diminish. Your expression will be smoother and less worried. Botox® Cosmetic injections are a quick office procedure, with minimal discomfort and risks, no down time, and the results usually last on average four months.


Facial Chemical Peels

Throughout history, since the time of ancient Egyptian civilization, there are written descriptions of people applying different compounds to the skin to improve its appearance. Today’s chemical peels represent the evolution of those early attempts to improve one’s complexion. Skin peels are mainly used to treat premature signs of skin aging, caused by chronic sun exposure. The signs of photo-aged skin include wrinkling, mottled pigmentation with brown spots, roughness, dull color and loss of elasticity. Chemical peels are classified as light, medium, and deep – depending upon the strength of each solution and it’s depth of penetration. Each type of peel will create different changes in the skin, related to the depth of penetration. For instance, a light or superficial peel with glycolic acid may only work on the epidermis, exfoliating older cells and allowing newer cells to migrate to the surface, improving pigmentation. A medium (TCA) or deep (Phenol peel) will affect the underlying dermis and collagen, thereby smoothing some fine lines and improving skin texture. There is a whole spectrum of options available to enhance one’s complexion, ranging from easy at-home skin care programs to the various skin peels. At your initial consultation, Dr. Schwartz will evaluate your skin, consider your goals, and then recommend the best treatment plan for your situation.

Home Skin Care Products

Our office features several lines of skin care products–from elegant sun screens to eye creams that smooth fine lines and lighten the skin. Many products can be used alone for specific problems, while others are part of a multi-step home-care regimen. All of our products have been developed and tested by physicians and many are only available by prescription or through a doctor’s office. Let Dr. Schwartz and Karolina, our skin care therapist, recommend skin care products that will help enhance your skin’s health and beauty.

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Aesthetician Services

Karolina, our European-trained skin care therapist and aesthetician combines her knowledge, experience, and the latest technology to offer unique, anti-aging treatments.

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