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Plan your Summer Surgery

Usually, long vacations take place over the summer and during the winter holidays. Anytime patients have enough time to take off and recover at home from surgery is a good time to have cosmetic surgery. Many procedures like laser hair removal and breast surgery is best done months before the summer so you can see the results in your swim wear, but that shouldn’t cross them off the list.

Some patients might think that traveling away and having surgery on vacation might be a good idea. Dangers from medical tourism range from unqualified doctors to DVT and lack of follow up care. Educating your patients on why a “staycation” at home close to medical facilities, family and friends is ideal.

1)      Procedures like facelift, liposuction, blepharoplasty and injectables are good year-round. Use the procedures section on or your own website to highlight the amount of downtime and recovery needed for top procedures. For example:

  1. 2 week vacation: perfect timing to recover from facelift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, blepharoplasty, breast surgery
  2. 2-4 weeks: longer vacations can help you have more extensive or multiple procedures like abdominoplasty, body contouring and tummy tuck surgery.


–          Procedures:

–          Liposculpting for better looking legs:

2)      Spring/Summer Cosmetic Surgery Trends – highlighting hot new technology, increasing trends like buttock lifts, mommy makeovers and Hollywood looks can help patients keep up to date.


–          Spring/Summer trends:

– trend report:

3)      Dangers of Medical Tourism – traveling to other countries where standards and practices are not on the same level as the United States can risk major dangers to patients. Combine lengthy airplane flights, difficulty maintaining follow up appointments and non-FDA approved products and the chance of complications increases. While patients sometimes think they can work in a vacation on the trip, most activities like swimming, tanning and excessive exercise is not allowed post-surgery.


– ASAPS Press Release: A one-way ticket to surgical complications

– Medical Tourism is not so frequent and not so dollar-wise

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