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Palm Beach Gardens Breast Reduction

The decision to seek Palm Beach Gardens breast reduction surgery is a very important one.  It can significantly change the way you look and feel.  If you have suffered from the discomfort of breasts which are larger than you would like, then go with an experienced and capable plastic surgeon in Palm Beach Gardens.  Let’s discuss some important options for consideration.

Doctor Richard Schwartz of the Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Center has the experience and expertise to provide you with the results desired.  The office is conveniently located Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach, just southeast of Palm Beach Gardens.

Dr. Schwartz is highly qualified to perform this kind of procedure confidently and with great results.  He is very well known for achieving natural appearing results which is certainly critical in our Palm Beach Gardens breast reduction.

He is a board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and was elected into the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  This is a highly select group of surgeons who have achieved a high level of status and expertise in the field.

As a Palm Beach Gardens breast reduction plastic surgeon, Dr. Schwartz brings a great deal of passion to his craft.  He has great interest and skill in oil paintings and likes to apply this artistic streak to help him to achieve outstanding results for his patients.

The benefits of a breast reduction procedure cannot be overemphasized.  Patients who receive this procedure are often some of the most satisfied recipients of plastic surgery in Palm Beach Gardens.  The ability to move about freely with renewed self confidence and comfort is a wonderful result.

Not only is the physical appearance substantially improved, but many problems patients otherwise suffer with like back, shoulder and neck pain caused by the excessive weight of the breasts are largely alleviated.

Dr Schwartz has helped patients ranging from teenagers up to those in retirement age.  Whenever patients choose to seek this type of procedure, the results can be exceptional.  At the same time there had been some drawbacks to this procedure including permanent scars on the breasts, decreased nipple sensation and difficulties or an inability to nurse a baby.

However Dr. Schwartz has always kept up with the latest surgical techniques and recent advances in techniques can allow for limited scarring in certain situations.  But in almost every case the benefits certainly outweigh the drawbacks.  But you can be certain that Dr. Schwartz will do he can to ensure that you receive the results desired with the least amount of drawbacks.

The staff at the center is exceptionally caring and capable.  They will put you at ease immediately and foster a comfortable and confident environment.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Schwartz and the Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Center, you should visit their website at  The site contains a great deal of useful information on the center including Dr. Schwartz, his staff and the services offered.

Helpful links are also provided to give you detailed information on many of the procedures you may be considering.  One section which is of particular interest to many potential patients is the gallery.  This shows many patients of Dr. Schwartz who have achieved great results from his exceptional skill and techniques.  It can help to show you what is possible from a skilled practitioner in palm beach gardens breast reductions.