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Ideal Implant – Saline Implant with the Feel of Silicone

The New Innovative Breast Augmentation

This patented saline implant has a proprietary structure that creates the feel of a silicone implant, but with the peace of mind of saline.

A number of surgeons spent a vast amount of years researching and testing the Ideal Implant before it was made available to the public. The implant is made up of a series of shells and two separate chambers that hold the saline filler.

This innovative implant primarily separates itself from the rest because the internal structure controls movement of the saline while reducing the chance of wrinkles and folds, which is the main cause of implant distortion and rupture.

Silent Rupture

Silicone gel implants rupture silently. This means that patients do not know that their implants have ruptured when looking in the mirror. Therefore, the FDA recommends that they get an MRI scan every five years. However, with Ideal Implant, patients will know that their implants have ruptured by simply looking at them. Furthermore, in the case that they do rupture, the saline will be easily absorbed by the body without harm.


In 2014, the Ideal Implant was approved by the FDA and Health Canada. Before approving the material, 502 women participated in a clinical trial. It is now manufactured in an FDA inspected, US facility that has been making silicone medical devices for over 30 years.

Scheduling a Consultation

Dr. Schwartz is part of a very small group of surgeons in the United States who are certified to work with the Ideal Implant. He is also a board certified plastic surgeon and has been practicing plastic and cosmetic surgery in West Palm Beach, FL for over 25 years. He is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in Palm Beach County, FL.

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