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Is a Curvy Shape the New Female Ideal?

It’s now trendy to be curvy. The trendsetters are women like Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara. Women are getting plastic surgery to get that voluptuous hourglass shape.

Women used to be green with envy over the rail thin, skin and bones models. But these days, stick figures are out and curves are in.

“They see people like Sofia Vergara, they see J-Lo, Kim Kardashian. She’s a huge industry now. People want that shape.”

Women want the junk in the trunk.

Scottsdale plastic surgeon Daniel Shapiro is being asked more and more to reshape women’s bodies into J-Lo’s hourglass shape. Women want the Kim Kardashian booty. The Beyonce jello. And they long for Sofia Vergara’s voluptuous curves.

“As a plastic surgeon, people see those things and they want that,” says Dr. Shapiro.

Shapiro is able to give women these curvaceous bods with a new laser technology. Shapiro takes in waists, pulls fat from undesirable areas like stomachs, and adds it to women’s hips and rear ends.

The procedure gave Bianca Wick that lifted bottom and hourglass shape.

“It adds more definition,” she says.

The mother of one got breast enhancement surgery after she had her baby. Her body was also tweaked to enhance other assets, because of the growing body trend.

“It seems like they are all embracing their curves. Everybody wears tight jeans, even if they aren’t sticks and I think it’s great,” she says.

She admits she was never waif thin, but now she is able to embrace her curves and accentuate them.

“I think it speaks tremendous volumes of how far we have come,” says Wick.

Reports are out saying model agencies are now “reverse airbrushing” — instead of making the models thinner — they are making them appear thicker for magazines.

The number of butt enlargements is up 38 percent this year compared in 2010.



Published September 28, 2012

Fox News Latino

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