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Getting A “Nose Job” is Not Just About Vanity

There are a number of reasons why one would consider rhinoplasty – many people aren’t satisfied with the shape of their nose due to hooks, bumps, curves and even the size; which can lead them to getting a nose job. Partly due to these reasons, nose jobs have gotten a reputation for being purely about vanity. However, there are more than just a few reasons why one would consider this procedure that have little to do with vanity.

A rhinoplasty procedure sometimes referred to as nose reshaping or a nose job; improves the appearance and proportion of your nose. This procedure can enhance facial harmony, add self-confidence, correct deformities and can correct impaired breathing caused by structural abnormalities in the nose.

Injury and Birth Defects – Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

Did you know that a nose job can correct deformities caused by a previous injury and that they can correct a nose that has an obstruction, making optimal breathing nearly impossible?

Many patients undergo the procedure in order to correct a deformity caused by a previous injury that may be affecting their daily lives. This is just one case, amongst many, that has nothing to do with vanity – but function.

Furthermore, patients can undergo a rhinoplasty procedure in order to correct congenital deformities, or birth defects associated with the nose. One such example is with cleft lip or cleft palate patients – many of which have a number of re-operations of their nose in order to correct those deformities that are related to a previous rhinoplasty. Furthermore, cleft lip patients generally have their lips repaired when they are babies and later undergo a rhinoplasty procedure in order to correct the deformities of their nose.

Functional Nasal Surgeries

The procedure serves many functions, although there are other procedures to consider as well.

Functional nasal surgery might be necessary to correct problems stemming from the septum, which is the wall that divides the nasal passages. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, about 80% of people in the United States suffer from a deviated septum, most of which could benefit from a functional nasal surgery.

Largely Cosmetic and Functional

Each surgery, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, is planned specifically for each individual person. The surgeon will be required to choose from various techniques and tools in order to achieve the result that the patient is looking for. The majority of reconstructive nasal surgery requires more invasive and complicated methods than cosmetic ones.

It would be unreasonable to say that nose jobs are not related to cosmetic concerns and vanity; however, they serve many other functions which deserve to be in the spotlight as well.

For those that are considering a rhinoplasty, choosing a surgeon you can trust may be the most important decision you will make regarding the procedure. Dr. Schwartz is a board certified plastic surgeon and has been practicing plastic and cosmetic surgery in West Palm Beach, FL for over 25 years. Please call 561-232-3120 or schedule a consultation online for more information on the rhinoplasty procedure.

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