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Game Changers in Anti Aging

The Deathly Grasp of Aging

Once upon a time fear used to be deadly viruses and plagues that could wipe out towns and villages, so simply staying alive past your 30’s was a victory. Now, centuries later after we’ve concurred these bacterium strains like “The Black Death” (which killed around 50 million people) so what do we fear in today’s world… Aging! Sagging jowls, fine lines, wrinkles, bags under our eyes  – the horror! Living longer means aging; and this we cannot quite fully escape…yet.

Skincare – In Today’s World

Let’s face it, skincare isn’t for sissies, and most of us, eventually, will encounter volume loss in our faces, a sagging jowl or chin, adult acne, flushing — the list is long — and so is the staggering number of products and procedures promising their miracle cures for these beauty ailments. But there’s hope. Allure magazine recently took to print to help soothe the savage fears associated with aging, offering up a preview of a few future treatment options that just might work.

Nothing say’s “world-weary” like a sagging, sunken visage — and let’s face it, “world-weary” isn’t a good look on anyone. And while doctors have long looked to hyaluronic acid fillers to fill pesky lines and wrinkles, they’re now turning to new variations on the theme to help address volume loss as well. New formulations of filler products are incorporating cross-linked particles to actually plump up any hollow or sunken areas, helping to lift and contour the face in addition to filling deep lines. The results, according to the good mags “trusted insiders,” are natural-looking, longer-lasting (possibly up to 2 years), and completely reversible.

Of course, the anti-aging magic of the future doesn’t stop there. There was a time when a double chin or saggy, baggy jowls could only be treated with plastic surgery. But a new purified version of a bile acid that dissolves dietary fat called ATX-101 (currently in late stage clinical trials) is proving its merit when it comes to reshaping the jawline. By injecting ATX-101 into chin fat, doctors are watching the molecule work to break down fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissue. And according to rather glowing trials, up to 80% of the 1,500 people injected are noticing a 25% reduction in their chin fat, making the prospect of ATX-101 very promising indeed.

The future of treating redness, rosacea, and acne looks equally as rosy (or not — sorry) with a new FDA-approved gel containing the drug brimonidine that, when applied once a day, actually tightens the tiny muscles in dilated vessels, draining the color associated with redness, rosacea and acne within the hour (One hour. Uno. 1.). Skin will likely look its best after four or five hours, and since the effect of the gel will wear off after about 12 hours, it’s unlikely that the skin will become resistant. So the magical result can be counted on to remain the same.


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