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Face Lift West Palm Beach, FL

Over the last 25 years Dr. Richard Schwartz and his team at The Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Center have focused on providing patients with the most outstanding plastic surgery experience in the area.  With this focus we have become the most sought after plastic surgery center for a face lift in West Palm Beach.  With our experience, technology, and customer service, we will help you to understand everything about your face lift procedure.  We will help to eliminate wrinkles and have you looking years younger in a short period of time.

We are able to create such a wonderful plastic surgery experience for our patients because we have certain steps that we follow.  Our goal is to make our patients as comfortable as possible, so they feel almost as though they are having the procedure done in the comfort of their own home. We will then explain the steps we will take during our West Palm Beach face lift procedure, so you know exactly what is going to happen and how long the recovery time should be.

Of course, having surgery on your face may still seem a bit frightening, which is why you need to look for a board certified plastic surgeon and ask for proof.  Dr. Richard Schwartz is not only board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, but has also been elected a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which is a prestigious group of board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery. This is certainly a feature that is comforting to most of our patients.

The secret to Dr. Schwartz’s success is that he has never stopped studying and learning new surgical techniques.  While growing up he wanted a profession where he would be able to help people feel better about how they look.  With his knowledge and passion for helping people he was determined to be the best plastic surgeon he could be.  Dr. Schwartz believes that everyone has the right to change their appearance; we can still be wrinkle free and beautiful at an older age.

Face Lift West Palm Beach, FL

Although wrinkly skin can easily be cured by having a West Palm Beach face lift, there are also other modifications that can take place during a face lift.  Dr. Schwartz can correct jowls,wrinkles, deepened folds, neck bands, and the double chin.  This procedure is done by tightening the skin and adding fat to your cheeks. What happens when you age is that everything starts to sag causing the loss of that youthful appearance.  By adding fat to the cheeks and tightening the skin it will give your face a more triangular youthful shape again.

Dr. Schwartz combines both traditional and new ground breaking techniques to give his patients the flawless look they have always wanted.  At Palm Beach Plastic Surgery we
are sure Dr. Schwartz will have you looking years younger and help you become a satisfied patient.  We really urge you to be 100% sure the surgeon you choose is a board certified plastic surgeon and has experience performing face lifts. So, to make sure you get the top face lift in West Palm Beach and get the look you have wanted, contact us today at The Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Center.