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Recovery tips after undergoing a Tummy Tuck surgery

Certainly a part of anyone’s fantasy body makeover over the age of 30 probably involves a tummy tuck. Cut out our seemingly impossible-to-eliminate belly fat and do it now! But as miraculous as the results may be, it is still surgery and there’s some careful prep and post-surgery considerations for the best possible recovery (and […]

07, March, 2018admin

3 Reasons Why Body Contouring Can Help After Extreme Weight Loss

Losing significant amounts of weight, whether through changes in diet and exercise or through bariatric surgery, can leave you with excess, sagging skin in more places than you’d probably like. Instead of settling with these less than pleasant results, there are steps you can take to achieve the look you desire and sculpt the body […]

23, September, 2014admin

Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Americans have spent the largest amount on cosmetic surgery since the Great Recession of 2008. To be exact, Americans have spent over 11 million dollars on cosmetic procedures that are both surgical and non-surgical in nature. Furthermore, there was a 12% increase overall in cosmetic procedures. […]

23, June, 2014Dr. Richard Schwartz

You Still Have Time to Get Your “Beach Body”!

Summer…always seems to creep up on us doesn’t it? We take for granted the mild winters and before you know it, BAM bathing suit season is here again. If you want a flat tummy and toned muscles before you hit the sand this summer, then here are a few tips to help you get in […]

27, June, 2013Dr. Richard Schwartz

Can You Tame Your Tummy?

For individuals trying to lose weight, the stomach is one of the most common problem areas. As many of us know, fat in the abdominal region is often the most stubborn, but part of slimming down your torso is figuring out what caused the bulk in the first place. If you are having trouble pinpointing […]

02, May, 2013Dr. Richard Schwartz

Mommy Makeover: Is it for me?

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. A woman glows and bonds to her child as she carries him or her for nine months and then delivers a human being to life. This miracle can happen for most women multiple times with relatively low risk for the mother and her children. The only downside to this amazing […]

25, January, 2013Dr. Richard Schwartz