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Does looking tired, worried, angry or sad, when you really feel upbeat and energetic bother you? Do you think that some of your facial expressions give the wrong impression of who you are and how you feel? It is true that aging faces can communicate non-verbal cues about ourselves. If you desire to show the world a more rested, vibrant, and attractive version of yourself or simply to look as good as you feel with refined, subtle improvements, then consider some cosmetic fine tuning with Botox© or other neurotoxins (Dysport, Xeomin).
Injection of these FDA-approved substances into muscles just under the skin helps decrease and erase so-called dynamic facial lines, those creases caused by overactive facial muscles puckering the skin. Botox treatment was the number one most frequently performed cosmetic treatment in 2013, as reported by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, because it is safe and effective, well-tolerated, and with minimal down time.

Botox© Helps Treat:

The problem areas most commonly treated with Botox© include:

  • Forehead
  • Where horizontal lines caused by the frontalis muscle that raises your eyebrows often convey a worried look.

  • Frown Lines
  • These vertical and angled lines between the eyebrows are caused by small muscles that move the brows closer together and create an angry/worried expression.

  • Crow’s Feet/Smile Lines
  • These creases are part of normal expression but become more pronounced with age. They are caused by the orbicularis muscles that circle around the upper and lower eyelid moving the skin with expression.

There are other less-frequently treated areas, such as “bunny lines” on the sides of the nose, lip lines, chin dimpling, downward pointing corners of the mouth and, rarely, neck muscle bands.


How Botox© Works:

All these lines or furrows share a common cause: the overactive movement of underlying facial muscles. Botox© works by stopping a nerve impulse from signaling a muscle to contract. Therefore, the muscle relaxes, cannot pucker the skin, and the wrinkles smooth out. Botox© will not work on stationary creases, those lines which are not related to muscle movement, but are caused by other factors such as skin looseness and sun damage.

Botox© Procedure & Results:

After listening to you describe which expression lines bother you and examining your face thoroughly, Dr. Schwartz will utilize his understanding of facial anatomy and his artistic sense to plan a customized Botox© treatment for you. Using both a topical anesthetic cream and ice cooling limits discomfort nicely. You may notice a small bump at each site for a few hours and occasionally, a small light bruise for 1-2 days. Typically Botox© takes 3-5 days to work fully, and the effect lasts on average four months. Side effects are extremely infrequent, with the most common of those being a transient headache.

Choose a Surgeon You Can Trust

Because rare unintended consequences of Botox© treatment may result in unwanted changes in your appearance, it is very important that you choose a board-certified physician, like Dr. Richard Schwartz, who possesses a thorough understanding of facial anatomy, how facial muscles work, and knowledge of each neurotoxin, to give you the best chance of achieving a pleasing, attractive result.

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