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Author: Dr. Richard Schwartz

Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Americans have spent the largest amount on cosmetic surgery since the Great Recession of 2008. To be exact, Americans have spent over 11 million dollars on cosmetic procedures that are both surgical and non-surgical in nature. Furthermore, there was a 12% increase overall in cosmetic procedures. […]

23, June, 2014Dr. Richard Schwartz

Reduce Under-eye Bags in One Hour

Are you tired of trying to cover up under-eye bags or wrinkles? Unfortunately, if you have ever attempted to combat these issues than you know how frustrating it can be. Most over-the-counter remedies do not sufficiently reduce or correct wrinkles, loose and sagging skin and barely cover anything up. Plus, it can become very costly […]

04, June, 2014Dr. Richard Schwartz

Is a Facelift Right For You?

As we start to get older, our skin begins to lose its firmness, or elasticity, and can often give the appearance of looking tired or worn. If you are troubled with your appearance due to visible wrinkles, sagging skin or deep creases on your face, you may want to consider undergoing a facelift. A rhytidectomy, […]

24, March, 2014Dr. Richard Schwartz

Game Changers in Anti Aging

The Deathly Grasp of Aging Once upon a time fear used to be deadly viruses and plagues that could wipe out towns and villages, so simply staying alive past your 30’s was a victory. Now, centuries later after we’ve concurred these bacterium strains like “The Black Death” (which killed around 50 million people) so what […]

19, February, 2014Dr. Richard Schwartz

Liposuction Surgeon

Liposuction has many benefits and can help sculpt your body in many ways. By making sure your surgeon is as respected as Dr. Richard G. Schwartz, you’re going to be able to ask all your questions and get answers you can understand. If you’re currently wondering if liposuction could be right for you, whether you […]

24, January, 2014Dr. Richard Schwartz

Body Procedures: Tummy Tucks, Liposuction, and Body Contouring

A New Year for a New You! If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight or have made it your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and give yourself the body that you’ve dreamed of and the body that you deserve, than these body procedures can help you to achieve your goal of a beautiful […]

16, January, 2014Dr. Richard Schwartz

What plastic surgeries really make a difference?

Looking to take the leap on a surgical procedure? A recent study published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery made headlines with “surprising” results showing that one surgeon’s cosmetic surgeries made almost no impact on patients’ attractiveness, and made minimal impact on how youthful they looked. The results may have surprised the general public, but they […]

27, November, 2013Dr. Richard Schwartz

Study Proves Those Who Smoke Look “Older”

Study at Twins’ Convention Helps Clarify How Smoking Affects Facial Aging The study below discusses identical twins from Twinsburgh, Ohio, “one twin smoked at least five years longer and fifty-seven of the 79 twin pairs studied were women; the average age 48 years.” The findings showed that as little as 5 years of smoking resulted […]

01, November, 2013Dr. Richard Schwartz

How is your skin health?..Are you sleepy?..

New Study Links Lack of Sleep to Poor Skin Quality Increased Signs of Aging and Your Skin According to a new study performed by the University Hospitals Case Medical Center, chronic sleep deprivation is not only linked to health problems such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and immune deficiency, but sleep deprivation is also […]

26, September, 2013Dr. Richard Schwartz

Who’s Getting Plastic Surgery? The Results Will Surprise You..

Whenever we see hot viral stories online about plastic surgery usually 8 out of 10 times its an article about a celebrity; hopefully not about something gone..! We all have seen the stories as a plastic surgeon, we know it doesn’t tell the while story. First, they don’t represent the the the majority of people […]

25, July, 2013Dr. Richard Schwartz