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It’s Important Who Administers Your Botox

NBC recently did an article on the major consequences of what seems to be a minor facial treatment, yet it calls attention to a scary and very true scenario. Professional “doctors” whom you trust to give you the best care in certain areas of your life, can let you down in a very big way. 
Below are some bullet points to help you determine what qualifications to look for specifically when looking to get a botox filler enhancement. 

  • Know the difference.
    • Botox treatments should be equated with surgery and although the laws differ from state-to-state, there are differing level of injectors (nurses to physicians of specialties). 
  • Ask your administrator if they are board-certified and a member of ASAPS. 
    • Patients should feel confident seeking care from a board-certified plastic surgon, facial plastic surgeon, occuloplastic surgeon and dermatologist. Rest assured members of ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) that they have detailed and comprehensive training about facial anatomy.

Realize that Botox is a medication. There are millions of very happy and satisfied patients who undergo treatment every 3 – 6 months, it is just important to understand know who WHO is the one administering this treatment. 

Dr. Richard G Schwartz has been serving Palm Beach County residents for over 25 years. His reputation for his treatments and natural surgical results is why so many know and trust only his work.  

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