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5 Facts about Saggy Breasts

Aging, gravity and a number of other factors are what force your girls to sag – which means there’s no way to prevent it unless you plan to stop aging or figure out how to reverse the effects of gravity. We may not be able to stop these two causes of sagging breasts, but there are a number of things that can be avoided:

1. Smoking Damages Your Breasts

A poor lifestyle will change the shape of your breasts according to a 2008 study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. These poor lifestyle habits include tanning amongst many others. Brian Rinker, a plastic surgeon at the University of Kentucky stated that, “Smoking breaks down a protein in the skin called elastin, which gives your skin its elastic appearance and supports the breast.” Here’s to hoping you didn’t need yet another reason to put the cigarette down!


2. They Might Still be Growing

A study conducted by Planned Parenthood in Toronto found that your boobs can grow long after puberty and even into your 20’s. Unfortunately though, once you hit 30, the only ways to increase your busty-ness is to undergo plastic surgery or to take certain birth controls.


3. Your Boobs Become Fatter as You Become Older

This fact might just explain everything. An article in Cosmopolitan stated that as you get older, the collagen and glands in your breasts start to shrink. They are then replaced with heavier breast tissue that is more susceptible to gravity, causing them to sag. Laurie A. Casas, a plastic surgeon and associate professor of surgery at Feinberg’s School of Medicine stated that this process cannot be prevented; however, it can be slowed down by wearing an underwire bra. It doesn’t stop here – boobs also droop due to the stretching of the Cooper’s ligaments, or the tissue in your breasts. This tissue breaks down as you age and takes a turn for the worse when you go through menopause by being replaced with fat.

4. Exercising Will Not Make Your Breasts Perky

I know we’ve been told time and time again that push ups will make our breasts perkier, which is false. Think about it – breasts are made up of fat, not muscle. How could there be anything to tone or tighten? On the other hand, there are some chest exercises that will improve the appearance of the surrounding area by strengthening the ligaments. So, there’s still a little hope.


5. Your Sleeping Position Can Change the Shape of Your Breasts

There are certain sleeping positions that can and will cause harm to your breasts, according to an article that CNN published. Sleeping facing down or on your side over a long period of time can change the shape of your breasts. Think about it – how could it be good for your boobs to be smashed against your mattress for 8 hours at a time? Even more than that, sleeping on your side causes their ligaments to stretch. This can be avoided if you simply put a pillow under your breasts for support when you sleep on your side.

Remember to take care of your boobs because you only get one set…unless you know a great surgeon!

Do you find you’re breasts are sagging beyond the norm? Contact us to schedule a free consultation and let us discuss the best option for you.


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